Brand strategy is all about diving deeper.


We encourage our clients to dive deeper and unearth hidden treasures of connections and powerful truths that will help their brand set sail.


"a brilliant brand strategy is the infrastructure upon which your brand can stand strong."

Eitan Kasspi, CEOwner


From promising startups and global tech companies, through traditional industry leaders, government offices and prominent NGOs, and all the way to universities, SMBs, and others.


I hired Eitan at Bettertell to work with two of my clients - prominent industrial companies. Each had unique challenges, complicated stakeholder maps, and a limited understanding of the power of branding and marketing. Eitan navigated the many obstacles expertly and crystallized each company’s brand promise, differentiation, and story. Moreover, he managed to win over the top management, guiding them along a complicated journey. The result was a highly effective, clear, and concise brand story. It will certainly serve as a robust basis for each company’s marketing. It is a pleasure working with Eitan.
- Doron Ephrati
Owner and CEO at Head-On Business & Marketing Navigation | Translink Israel
We hired Eitan to develop a creative approach to IAI's vision, mission, and values. Eitan's work was exceptional, and his devotion and creativity were a driving force for great results. In addition, Eitan came up with a powerful slogan which was enthusiastically endorsed by the top management and throughout the company. It was a pleasure working with Eitan.
- Yael Ben Dror (Libson)
Head of BD and Strategy, Aviation Group, IAI
While we were getting ready for the next stage in the company's life, we asked Eitan to help us build a stronger brand. Eitan delved into the product, our customers, the competition and the market. Together with the marketing team, he created a distinctive, robust and dynamic brand identity, with a clear application to our everyday work. We put this identity to the test at the FIBO 2019 Global Fitness Exhibition, and garnered a lot of interest and great reviews. We are now moving forward with confidence in our brand's personality.
- Yaniv Shneiderman
Founder, CEO at BlazePod
The workshop hasn't ended yet, and I already feel that I must share with everyone how solid Eitan is as a professional. A 90-minute Zoom workshop for an untrained audience that is new to the topic. On the face of it, many reasons could cause this lecture to fail. Eitan conquered the stage like a real rockstar. We were captivated by the screen and his voice. Eloquent, entertaining, accurate, and above all - easily maintains a high level of attention. You cannot choose a better lecturer.
- Naama Altman
Head of Business Community, Unistream
At Via Surgical, we were looking for the right language to convey our innovative approach. Eitan Kasspi quickly understood what we are all about. He then crafted coherent, meaningful, and effective storytelling, which beautifully captured our philosophy, strategy, and benefits. Through Eitan's expertise and creative efforts, our message is now clear and powerful.
- Lena Levin
CEO, Via Surgical
With his sharpness and grit, Eitan was able to not only uplift the way we tell our story - leading to a greater impact when we tell our storytelling to the outside world - but he also helped us to better crystalize the internal focus and decision making that are way beyond storytelling! Great experience with clear value.
- Ido Dor
CEO, Lavie Bio
Eitan Kasspi is the Founder and Chief Storyteller at BetterTell, a Brand Transformation Agency. Eitan's unique expertise led our company - Setpoint - to create and enhance our new brand name. Our brand story is now precise, concise, and captivating thanks to Eitan's dedicated guidance and extensive knowledge.
- Iftach Cohen
Co-Founder & CEO at Setpoint
Eitan accompanied the Planning and Strategy Department of the Ministry of Education for several months and recently delivered a very successful storytelling workshop to the team. The level of investment, the attention to detail, the personal accompaniment, and the positive outlook allowed us to operate and improve openly and professionally. Eitan brings experience and professional tools, and the essential thing - customization for the target audience. Each question is treated with attention, delving into the issue and ensuring it is understood. His insights and professional experience are valuable to organizations and individuals. Highly recommend!
- Moti Taubin
Head of Strategy, Israel Ministry of Education
Let me tell you a story... until I met Eitan, I thought stories are only for children. Eitan has changed our marketing thinking; he taught us how to make a great personal connection with new and existing clients. We understand better how to tell's story to our clients and to ourselves! Thank you, Eitan!!
- Daniel Alush
Co-Founder & CFO at
I met Eitan through a mutual friend when my company decided to move to the next level in marketing. We understood we needed a facelift in marketing, but we didn't know how to do it. We didn't even know to ask the right questions. We were lost in the dark. Under an extremely tight schedule, Ethan led us through the 'marketing maze' to the finish line and, along the way, gave us a basket of knowledge, tools, and skills for the future. Fruits in the form of new income quickly appeared, less than a month after Ethan's job was done. We highly recommend working with Ethan - he is truly a dedicated pro.
- Or Ramot Founder and CEO
As CEO of Simcha Layeled, I realized that our organization needs to refocus and revitalize its vision, mission, and story - and that 2019 is the perfect time to do so. We hired Eitan Kasspi for brand strategy, and found him to be a great partner. From research through to the final result, he was attentive, proactive and creative. The work he has done for us serves as a steadfast foundation for the next steps we will be taking in 2019 and onward.
- Eli Kellerman
CEO at Simcha Layeled
Eitan consulted me on the brand strategy of Kornit Digital during a shift in the company's business focus. Together we successfully created a blueprint for transformation to better suit the company's upcoming challenges and opportunities, while catering to the changing landscape in our industry. Throughout this in-depth process, I found Eitan to be a true partner and a talented strategist, able to see the big picture and the smallest of details at the same time. It was a pleasure to work with him.
- Adi Jamie May
Director of Brand and Sustainability, Kornit Digital
Eitan is unique and special. I don't know brand strategists like him. He has an extraordinary talent for listening between words, understanding what we have yet to learn, and creating ingenious branding that produces charm and interest. In addition, he is a kind-hearted person, full of desire to give and influence. If you are in a branding process, I strongly recommend meeting him. One meeting will be enough to understand that he is something else.
- Miriam Florentin
Founder, TAZUZU
Working with Eitan is wonderful. He knows how to differentiate the brand and make it unique and attractive. You rarely meet such a sharp mind. Thanks, Eitan!
- Dafna Har-Lavan
Technical recruiter, Matrix
Working with Eitan is one of the best and most creative experiences. I call him my "Soul Bird," not because I tell him secrets but because, like the picture on the top of the famous book, he can arrange all the ideas, thoughts, questions, challenges, and complexities in an order that makes sense. Working with him involves brainstorming, strategic thinking, human and consciousness engineering, and unparalleled creativity. Working in large and complex organizations has many challenges. Together with Eitan, there is success and real change.
- Elinor Behar
VP of Business Development, Blue Laurel Advisors
Eitan helped us conducting a strategic process for improving patient experience at Assuta private hospitals. He is super smart, creative, knows to ask the rights questions, worked with C level management as he worked with all other employees. He is very helpful and I really enjoyed working with him.
- Keren Offer
Patient Experience Manager, Assuta Medical Centers
Eitan has accompanied us in preparing for a significant milestone in our bid proposals for the Tel Aviv Metro and the Jerusalem Light Rail Train. Within a structured process that we built together for the preparation period, Eitan played an important role in forming and developing our messages board and later the comprehensive storytelling. He worked with each of the key personnel in sharpening their speech and getting them prepared for an interview. He was dedicated and diligent, and very creative. He inspired a team spirit notion and led the team to delivering a confident and successful pitch in front of our clients.
- Netalie Levi-Nehemia
Israel Country Manager at Egis

my goal: your story, told better.

After 12 years at BBDO Israel, working with the industry's largest and most prominent sharks, I decided to chart my own course and set on a journey.
I have always believed that companies and organizations should present their DNA eloquently and authentically, especially without telling tall tales.
Therefore, in 2018 I established BETTERTELL to help companies, startups, NGOs, and people to dive deeper into themselves and emerge with a better, more profound core and story.
CEOwner and Captain of the Bettertell Ship
Eitan Kasspi,